Our Employees are Family.
that's why they never leave

Working for Clean Investment, Inc.

In a time when it’s often difficult to find stable, rewarding, and well-paid career opportunities, we try to be the exception. Our philosophy is simple: the quality of our service is a direct result of our relationships with our employees. At Clean Investment, providing our employees flexible schedules and competitive rates is how we ensure our clients get the best service. We think of it as a win-win-win. 

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How we treat our employees

Build Trust

We encourage employees to ask questions, provide feedback, and balance their work-lives as much as possible. Fun activities with the staff are a daily ritual.

Reward Hard Work

We do not offer jobs; we offer careers. We provide competitive wages so that our employees know they're valued and taken care of.

Low turnover

In an industry where high turnover is simply expected, we are proud to share that in the last five years, we have lost only a handful employees.